Educated employees understand coverage choices. Understanding coverage choices will benefit everyone.


Engaged employees are more likely to be loyal. Loyal employees will remain with a company over the long term.


Knowledge empowers employees to strive for more. Empowered employees make companies great.


By understanding your company offerings, we help your employees make informed decisions, while helping reduce the workload from your HR department, through streamlined enrollments, hands-on implementation, and support.


When you understand how your choices impact your well-being and finances, you are empowered to make the best decisions for you and your family.



We become an extension of your team by delivering your message, through on-going implementation and technology support, and voluntary benefits that complement and enhance your clients’ offerings.

Life is complex. Your benefits don't have to be.


Convergins Health is your benefit enrollment solution.

ConvergIns: verb I con – ver – Ins I Merging all elements of employee benefits, into one unified solution.

Employee benefits are viewed as a necessity for employers and employees, but balancing the right coverage with the cost, is challenging. Employers and employees have competing interests and finding the middle ground can be difficult.

Convergins Health steps in to fill the gap between the benefits offered and employees' needs.

How we act as your
benefits communications partner:

  • Our Benefit Specialists become experts in the details of the product offerings;

  • We hold one-on-one consultations with employees that educate, engage and empower them to make informed decisions;

  • We are experts in voluntary benefits that complement the core benefit offerings; and

  • We offer implementation and technology solutions to streamline the enrollment process.

In essence, Convergins Health becomes an extension of your team. We’re here to help you deliver the best enrollment experience for your company.

Health care has a lot of moving pieces. Convergins Health is where they meet.

The Advantage of offering Voluntary Benefits:



Convergins Health is an extension of your team.

We bridge the gap of information so everyone involved is comfortable with their decisions. We make sure that  we understand your messages and goals, whether you are an employer, employee or broker. 

The end result is higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • Employers: Our Benefits Specialists understand your company's specific offerings, so we can educate, engage, and empower your employees. Direct communication with each employee enables them to ask questions to address their personal needs.
  • Employees: When you understand how your choices impact your benefits and finances, you are empowered to make the best decisions for you, your family, and your budget.
  • Brokers: We become an extension of your team through delivery of your message, complete technology support, and voluntary benefits that complement your clients' core benefits.

To learn more about what Convergins Health can do for you, please click below.


Employee Benefits Simplified

Employee benefits are necessary to attract and keep top talent. These benefits are often one of the more expensive items in the budget, but their value doesn't stop at a budget line. If your employees do not understand or appreciate the benefits you offer, the cost to your bottom line has multiplied.

The last thing you want is to offer costly benefits that your employees don't value.

Your Human Resources staff may not have the bandwidth to manage one-on-one consultations with every employee. They probably do not have the time to answer questions about which package is right for a particular situation. Because of limited resources, the value of your benefits package may not be perceived.

Convergins Health is your solution. As your benefits communications partner, we understand the details of your core offering and we educate, engage, and empower your employees to make great choices for their personal situation. We also take the burden off your HR department in other ways, such as:





  • Personalized strategy and execution for a comprehensive benefit enrollment;
  • Access to a benefits administration platform;
  • Full-service employee support call center;
  • Benefit confirmation statements;
  • Open enrollment and new hire benefit onboarding, in person or via call center;
  • Ongoing benefits support and education;
  • Electronic enrollment and status changes eliminates paper forms;
  • Reporting and analytics;
  • Data integrity maintenance;
  • Bilateral electronic data management;
  • HIPAA-compliant employee communications;
  • ACA and Medicare notifications;

Convergins Health acts as the contact point between your core benefits and your employees. We understand the value of your benefits and our personalized approach ensures that your employees do too. The result is higher employee satisfaction and engagement, impacting your company culture, productivity, and bottom line.


Employee Benefits have a lot of moving pieces.
Convergins Health is where they meet.


Isn't it time you understood your employee benefits?

Synchronizing your personal budget and your ideal benefit plan can be a very delicate balancing act...

Isn't it easy to dismiss your employer's health benefits package as too expensive, not enough coverage or not the right kind of coverage?

There is a better way - the Convergins Health Way.

We want to help you become educated about your employer's benefits package, decide what you need in light of your personal and family situation, and help you customize the coverage.
We call it Benefits Mastery.


  • We are experts on your company's benefit offerings and we are passionate about explaining your options.
  • Our licensed Benefit Specialists act as your advocate either in person or through our call center.
  • Fully understanding your benefits is vital in helping you to elevate your benefits above the ordinary.


  • When you are engaged, you use the knowledge gained through our advocates and resources. 
  • Becoming engaged enables you to become an active participant in the  benefit selection process.
  • When you are engaged, you take control of your own healthcare decisions based on your personal needs.


  • As an empowered employee, your decisions are made from knowledge and engagement in the benefit selection process.
  • Through education and engagement, you'll gain the confidence and self-assurance to take charge of your healthcare needs
  • This results in an improved experience for you and your family now and in the future.

Convergins Health simplifies your benefits.


We are an extension of your team.

As a broker, you play a key role in advising and guiding your clients to choose the optimal core benefits package. Given the ever-changing landscape of health care and employee benefits, your clients expect deeper levels of guidance and support.

More employers are offering high deductible health plans. While HDHP's can be a viable solution, they can also increase personal exposure for employees.  Our team specializes in a wide range of voluntary benefits available to complement your clients' core benefits.  This is an opportunity for you to further customize the benefits package for your clients.

Convergins Health is your go-to Enrollment Specialist for core and voluntary benefits. We are experts in providing meaningful, personalized enrollment sessions with each employee, helping to educate them on their benefit options - both core and voluntary.

What you can expect when Convergins Health joins your team:


We leverage our deep relationships with leading carriers to find the voluntary products that will complement your client's core offering.


We use state-of-the-art enrollment and administration technology to create a positive experience for the employee.


We provide personalized service, highly-trained Benefit Specialists, and in-depth knowledge of the products. 

Convergins Health is your benefits enrollment solution.


Convergins Health is looking for new team members!

Convergins Health is a Benefits enrollment and employee engagement company bringing employers personalized benefit solutions. We are looking for energetic, self-motivated individuals to work in the field with our employers or in our benefits support center. Our team members will posses the drive to help others and put their needs first. Through education and service we create solutions to help employees and their employers to get the most value out of their benefits.

We have an immediate need for Bilingual Benefit Specialists (2)

Did not find a job that matches your experience?

If you have a passion and general knowledge about employee benefits, along with experience in customer service, sales or Human Resources we want to hear from you! Candidates must posses work authorization without requiring visa sponsorship to be considered.

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